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Brain Puzzle and Photography

17 Sep

Weekly Brain Challenge

Good Morning and Happy Monday!  It’s the start of another work week and it’s time to wake up your brain with this week’s Find the Difference puzzle.  A lot of the pictures for our puzzles come from our travels around the world, but this puzzle comes from a walk around my little neighborhood, Ocean Beach, California.  Ocean Beach is a little under 1.5 square miles, but has a population of 12,419 people, making 8, 708 people per square mile!  Needless to say, we all live on top of each other here and there is A LOT of character everywhere you look, so a picture walk through this town will definitely leave you with a lot of fun shots.  The puzzle below is a Level 3 puzzle, so it has 9 changes total…happy hunting!  Below the puzzle I’ve posted some more pictures of Ocean Beach for you to enjoy :)

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Find the Difference puzzle

Can you find the 9 changes in this puzzle?

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Ocean Beach California Sunset

One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in Ocean Beach. Taken in September 2011.

Ocean Beach Pier California Sunset

Another pretty sunset at the Ocean Beach Pier. The pier is 1,971 feet long and is the second longest pier on the west coast. Taken in July 2006.

Ocean Beach California Surfer

Multiple surf breaks combined with San Diego’s awesome weather make Ocean Beach a surfer’s paradise. This is looking south from the pier toward Sunset Cliffs. This guy is about to shoot the pier! Taken in January 2012.

Ocean Beach Pier looking North

Last one! This is looking north from the pier. You can see the jetty which has San Diego River on one side and Mission Bay on the other and La Jolla Peninsula in the far distance. Taken in January 2012.

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