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Travel Dreaming: Infusing Purpose Along the Way

29 Aug

The great thing about travel with the intent to learn, explore, and contribute to the world is that it flings open the doors and windows and gives you a view of the world like no other.  It is harder to hate or be impatient with what you have gotten to know on a more intimate level.  Traveling with a purpose, in my opinion, breeds tolerance and the desire to understand another point of view.  Take it from Mark Twain:

Mark Twain on travel


When you sit down for dinner with someone from another world, the lines that divide us become more blurred and you start to look for what unites us instead of divide us.   In the words of one of my favorite poets

travel maya angelou


I have been travel dreaming about sites closer to home.  What is right in our own backyards? It all, after all, starts at home.

This is one of my favorite travel songs because it talks about the stories we tell ourselves and each other, along the road.

My travel dreams are taking me to a place where we can all start to build a deeper understanding and stronger empathy for each other. A place, in this country where the lines that separate viewpoints are blurred beyond recognition so we can start to examine how we are alike and what unites us instead of being scared shitless of each other. A place where understanding might just might lead to a kinder, more peaceful country. It is a good dream…. One worth having and a conversation that we all need to have.

Do you feel that travel can help bridge gaps?

What are your travel dreams?

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