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Zooming Out: Restaurants in Long Beach, What a Treat!

3 Jun

The big reveal….
The first 2 zoomed in photos were taken at The Boat House on the Bay, a steak and seafood restaurant perched on the edge of Alamitos Bay. We enjoyed a breath taking view as we ate… you guessed it….

P1110842 (3)

…and this heavenly plate of sea bass and veggies….



The next two photos were taken at The Attic on Broadway, a funky little place with eclectic decor and mismatched cups and plates that just felt like home!  This photo was of a selection from the extensive Bloody Mary Bar!  Yes, that is a rib and a cornichon!

P1110677 (3)


Now the really crazy– crazy delicious — dish from The Attic… Mac ‘n Cheetos.  Sounds odd to put spicy Cheetos on top of a bowl of creamy mac ‘n cheese packed with bacon but oh my, my, my…it worked so well!

P1110679 (3)


Before last week, I did not know that Long Beach was really a foodie heaven but it is!  Look for more food photos from restaurants in Long Beach in more puzzles coming both here and in the Games section of the site!



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